Gavin Dorn

About Me

My name is Gavin Dorn. I am looking forward to this school year and being part of the
CEO program. My extracurricular activities include football, baseball, and track. I enjoy
participating in these sports because I like achieving goals and being part of a team. I believe
that some strengths in my personality are determination, respectfulness, honesty, and
dedication. I have learned these skills in my years of playing sports, and also from my parents.
Some attributes that make me a good student and athlete are that I am a hard worker, a leader,
and an achiever. Being a hard worker is an attribute I have because I like to be a model for
others so that they can be led by example. Hard worker also fits in with a leader because a
good leader must work hard to be a good example. Being a leader has many different aspects
besides just being a hard worker, and one that I am working towards using more in my
leadership is being a better communicator. I am hoping that the CEO program helps me be a
better communicator because that will translate into me being a better leader. Also, I am an
achiever because I like to reach goals that I set, and see the outcome of the work that I have put
in. The main values that shaped me are respect and the belief that you get out what you put in.
Positive influences in my life have been the people around me such as friends and family, but I
give my parents the most credit because they brought me up this way. I wanted to join the CEO
program to learn to be out of my comfort zone. What I value most in the sports that I am a part
of is the team. I love seeing what we can achieve together. Although I have not picked a career
path, some goals that I have in my professional life are to have a job that provides for my family
and one that I enjoy. I am looking forward to visiting various businesses in the community.
Businesses that I am looking forward to visiting most are ones that I don’t know much about. I
am thankful for the opportunity to be a part of the CEO program this year.






DISC Characteristics

  • -I am self critical and demand a lot of myself
  • -I can be a stabilizing force when emotional issues hit the team
  • -I am very calm, cool, and collected
  • -I am excellent at gathering detailed information