Dylan Reed

About Me

Hello, My name is Dylan Reed. I enjoy being involved with anything I can at my high
school. Most of the activities, programs, and extracurriculars I am involved in are, Choir,
Theatre, Pep Club, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Track and Field, and Student Council. I
have had the opportunity to receive achievements in some of the programs I listed. First, I
received the Personal Record Stick (Track and Field), and the Hard Hat Reward (Track and
Field.) I have also had the privilege to be a part of the executive student council and to be a one
of the leads in two musical productions at the High School. Outside of school, I enjoy working at
Star Studio where I can be a part of children’s lives and be a role model for them. Looking at my
near future in the CEO Program, I will use my communication, teamwork, and time management
attributes to help me. To continue, the values that have been shaped around me have been
really helpful in a ton of life situations, such as my extracurricular activities. The thing I value
most has to be learning from other people. Two main influences in my life and who helped
shape who I am today are my grandmother and my older brother. I decided to join the CEO
program to not only start my own business, learn amazing life skills, and meet business owners
and leaders throughout my county, but to take all of the information learned and hopefully use it
in my professional life, and to help other people. In my professional life, I plan to attend
Vincennes University to study Homeland Security to one day become a government agent. I am
excited and blessed to have the opportunity to be a part of the CEO Class of 2021!






DISC Characteristics

  • -I am a calculated risk taker
  • -I am friendly when meeting new people
  • -I can deal with change openly and without fear
  • -I believe that if something is worth doing, it's worth doing correctly the first time