Gloria Beal

About Me

My name is Gloria Beal. I enjoy playing sports and have played softball for about 10 years. I
have played on varsity since my freshman year. I am currently playing for the O-town Strykerz.
Along with sports, I am very dedicated to my school work. I have received high honors all
throughout high school. I am passionate about self-care and fitness. I enjoy being active. I try
my best in just about everything I do, because if I don't no one will know my full potential. I feel
that I am hard-working and if a job needs done I am one to rely on. I’m not afraid of much and I
love taking on new tasks. Talking to new people comes easy to me. I’m a good leader and good
at communicating, so when I’m on the field with my teammates, I often take charge and make
sure everyone knows how many outs. This helps me in softball, in group work for school, and
this should help me in the CEO program. I always thought that I could do whatever I put my
mind to if I wanted. This helped me throughout my life so far and if I want something, I go after
it. My mother has been a positive influence in my life because she would always tell me I could
do anything I wanted when I was older. I wanted to join CEO because I feel like it will really
shape me for adult life. These real life lessons that the CEO program will provide, won’t be
found in some text books in a classroom which really made me strive to join the program. On
my softball team, I value healthy communication and effort. I can tell when someone doesn’t
want to be there and is lacking effort and it really takes a toll on the game. Some things I want to
do in my life is to graduate high school with Magna Cum Laude honors. I also want to attend
OCC for my associates degree and transfer to a university and I’m not for sure what I’m going to
major in yet. I love to travel and I plan to travel a lot when I’m older.






DISC Characteristics

  • -I like to think things through before acting
  • -I like meeting new people and no one is a stranger
  • -I am steadfast and dependable
  • -I am very independent and would be considered my "own person"