Mallory Benson

About Me

Hello! My name is Mallory Benson, I love learning and doing theater. I have been participating in
plays and musicals for the past 7 years. This makes drama my favorite class by far! I’m also a
member of the student council and choir. In these groups I learn how to be a part of a team
while still being responsible for myself. When I’m not in school I spend a lot of time volunteering
at Cinderella’s Threads Dress Shop. I have lived in Olney my entire life and am very excited to
learn more about the businesses and their owners throughout the CEO program. The former
CEO members helped me make my decision on whether or not to apply to the program, hearing
what they had to say about their journey and growth while being a part of CEO was a huge help.
I am driven in everything I set my mind to and love to be involved in new experiences where I
can learn. I am most looking forward to learning how to run a successful business and am
excited to continue my journey in CEO in the upcoming year.






DISC Characteristics

  • -I demand a high level of results and performance from myself and others
  • -I can balance working in a group or on my own very easily
  • -I am consistent and predictable over the long haul
  • -I believe that procedures should be practical and produce results