Lucas McVaigh

About Me

My name is Lucas McVaigh I live in Olney IL, I like to shoot trap and I like to work on
mechanical objects. A strength that I have is when I enjoy what I am doing and I am motivated I
will do well with most projects. I have learned how to wire lights and other electrical parts in
houses, I have learned carpentry skills, and I have learned skills to work on many different types
of vehicles. While learning I am attentive to the material and I remember the material that I have
studied. The value of knowing to work for what I want has helped me to understand that it takes
work to achieve your goals. My parents have taught me to work for my goals and to also take
pride in my work. As a professional goal I want to be successful at whatever I decide to do. I
want to learn more about how businesses are run and what businesses need to succeed. I am
also looking forward to learning about the other businesses in my area that I’ve never heard
about before. I am excited to learn the many things that I will know by the end of this year!






DISC Characteristics

  • -I like to think things through before acting
  • -I am able to remain cool when pressure increases
  • -I am always there, ready to pitch in, and complete the assignment
  • -I prefer to use a lot of detail when explaining things to people