Lauren Hill

About Me

I am very excited for this opportunity in being able to network with local businesses as well as learn more on how to run a small business. Through this program, I hope to gain experience in the inner-workings of a business as well as build my leadership skills. My current plans for college are to attend the University of Evansville to major in Archaeology, and minor in Business. With this, I hope to find a job in Cultural Resource Management (CRM) which combines both archaeology and business. I participate on our high school’s volleyball and girl’s soccer teams as well as am active in many clubs including FBLA, Executive Student Council, and Spanish Club. Outside of school, I enjoy traveling and spending time with my friends and my church youth group. I visited Peru last summer and will be touring Spain next summer, both with the RCHS Spanish Club. I work at Ginger Ale’s and enjoy helping my family in business ventures. Until we changed computer programs, I was the business Payroll Assistant, and am working my way into a managerial position. I am truly excited to see where the CEO program will take me in the next year.