Christopher Bower

About Me

Hello my name is Christopher Bower. I come from a family of four brothers and two sisters. My mom and dads name our Amanda and Scott Bower. I’m adopted from Guatemala. I came home when I was 10 months old. When I came home I had two brothers who were already here. Their names are Trevor and Ethan. My parents have been super supportive of me and have been my biggest fans and want to see my success in life. My birth mom’s name is Margarita. My interests are football and college football. I play football for the tigers, my position is corner and wide receiver. Football is probably my favorite ever. It's a team sport and a brotherhood. Football is more than a sport, it's life and as my last year is here I can’t believe it’s coming to an end. Another of my hobbies is hanging out with friends. Summer was fun because I was always with friends driving around eating or just being teenagers. College basketball  is one of my favorite sports to watch, especially the Kentucky Wildcats. I also work at Ginger Ales, which is fun. I joined the CEO program because I saw it as change for me and learning how to think like an entrepreneur. I hope to learn from the CEO, leadership and basic business knowledge. My plans after high school are to go to OCC then transfer out to UNC Chapel Hill to study political science and Business management. I want to be a marketing strategist  for a big company someday.






DISC Characteristics

  • Responsible
  • Inspiring
  • Consistent
  • Independent