Alyssa Bryant

About Me

I am Alyssa Bryant, I’m 17. My mom is Michelle Heath. We live in Noble, IL. I have lived in Noble for most of my life, though I’ve moved to Olney twice. Once when I was in Kindergarten and then again when I was in 2nd, but I still went to school in Noble. When I was a kid I enjoyed playing kickball, playing softball, going four wheeler riding, mudding, and hanging out with my brothers and cousins. My interests are hanging with my friends, going to sports games, watching softball, reading, and making fun of my brothers. I also enjoy wrestling with my brother Mayan, playing video games- mainly Modern Warfare, FORZA 4, and GTA V. I enjoy being the chaotic person in my house- in a good way. It keeps things entertaining and keeps people on their toes. Things I hope to achieve and learn as a CEO member this school year are how to run and create a business, learn how to properly attain and save money, learn the lessons of business throughout all of it, and become more involved in things I take an interest in. My plans after high school are going to OCC for 2 years, then transferring to a 4 year University, and then getting a doctorate in Clinical Psychology, so I can become a sports psychologist. The universities I want to go to are a LSU, FSU, VU, and SIUC. I joined CEO because I knew it would help me with my speaking in front of people, build my confidence, and help me with my future occupation. Whether I change my mind and not become a sports psychologist, or not.






DISC Characteristics

  • Agreeable
  • Charming
  • Patient
  • Analytical