CEO student reflections for 15th-18th:

Monday -“The most important thing I can take away from today is to prepare for deadlines ahead of time. Our final business report is due on May 2nd, but it is important for me to start working on it before the Trade Show. This is because I need to make sure that this report is just as impressive as my business plan.” - Abigail Nealis.

Tuesday - “Something important I was able to take from today’s business visit to Pacific Cycle is that it is paramount to have good communication especially in a large corporation such as Dorel Industries. This is important as we work in our individual businesses and make our way into the real world.” - Lauren Hill.

Wednesday -“The most important thing I can take away from today’s Mentor Day is that at a Trade Show one needs to be able to efficiently give their attention to everyone who visits your booth. If I talk to one person for too long that could result in a loss of other potential customers. I really appreciate the Mentors for giving us advice on the Trade Show. The reminded us to be calm while giving a quick and efficient sales pitch.” - Wilson McWilliams-Conley.

Thursday - “The most important thing I can take away from today’s business visit to PrintForce is the idea of controlling your work. Controlling your work is important because you can only take in as much as you put out. Controlling your work creates the idea of responsibility and lets your customer know how important their work is at the same time. Controlling the work is also extremely important, especially when you have busier times and the demand for service is high. I think that the business tour today was really informative, and I was impressed with how much work goes into each order.” - Viktoria Willis.

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