CEO student reflections for 8th-12th:

Monday -“The most important thing I can take away from today was from our chapter of Things You Wish You Knew Yesterday titled “Perseverance is Overrated”. This chapter describes that failing 1,000 times before you get something right is not perseverance, it should be expected. In my business, things are going to go wrong, and I may even fail but the important thing is that I expect them, prepare for them, and use those failures to make myself better.” - Abigail Nealis.

Wednesday - “Something I was able to take from today is that even if you don’t win the contest, you still win the experience. I was chosen to be in the top three for both contests, Banker Day and Shark Tank Day, thus far in CEO. Despite not having won either, I learned a great deal from each experience. This is something to be grateful for in regards to the CEO program and all those who have helped us along the way.” - Lauren Hill.

Thursday - “The most important thing I can take away from today is how important it is to keep going with the flow. This journey is almost over, and we need to keep pushing through. With every event, we’ve gotten better, more confident, and even more prepared for the Trade Show. It’s bittersweet that CEO is almost over.” - Viktoria Willis.

Friday - “The best part of this morning was getting to meet other individuals in the Edwards County CEO program that have just as busy schedules and the same day to day tasks we are facing. I had the chance to make some new friends who have super creative businesses. I hope that we are able to attend their Trade Show and see all their hard work pay off.” - Macy Piercefield.

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