Meet Our Facilitator

Joe Morris

Joe Morris

Joe Morris served 12 years in the United States Marine Corps and is a graduate of American
Military University. During his 12 years in the Marine Corps, Joe was a Formal Schools Master
Instructor, Martial Arts Instructor/Trainer, and Leadership School Instructor. Joe is an
entrepreneur and currently owns two businesses, Olney CrossFit and Squirrelly Joe’s Coffee

Joe is originally from San Diego, Ca and lived in 6 different countries during his time in the
military. Joe moved his family to Southern Illinois in 2015 because he wanted his wife and 6 kids
to be closer to their family and because he loves the small town life.

Joe has been a big advocate of the Richland County CEO Program because he believes
entrepreneurship is the backbone of America. Joe has a passion for helping young people
realize what they can do as adults and believes that properly raising up the next generation is
his responsibility.